Op Randall Newsletter 20/03/18




Welcome to this weeks rural crime newsletter. Below there is a summary of some the incidents across Norfolk. We would like to thank you for all your calls to Norfolk Constabulary; every piece of information, no matter how small helps us make Norfolk a safer county.
You are our eyes and ears and we depend on your assistance to reduce rural crime.
If you do not wish to leave your details, you can also call anonymously or via Crime Stoppers.




Crime Summary

Hare coursing
Incidents of Hare coursing reported in Houghton, Saxlingham and Tunstead.

Reported thefts

  • Yamaha Quad bike (Index AU55GDA) stolen from Munford.
  • Sterling Elite caravan stolen from Marham. Front and back are white, sides blue with silver stripe
  • Kubota tractor, Livestock Trailer and various farm equipment stolen from Terrington St Clements.
  • Quantity of heating oil taken from Carbrooke.
  • Polaris Ranger UTV, Quad and an Ifor Williams trailer stolen from Weasenham.
  • Stainless steel and Aluminium stolen from Hockwold.
  • Heating oil stolen from Antingham.
  • Iveco Daily flatbed truck stolen from Methwold.
  • Theft of Ifor Williams trailer from Saham Toney.
  • Batteries stolen from Shropham. (Pink battery Campaign !!!)

Consider painting your batteries Bright Pink!!

Please.. Ensure you lock your vehicles and remove keys and valuables. On these Cold mornings, Don’t leave your cars running and un-attended whilst defrosting.

Register your valuables. This includes power tools and anything with a serial number. This makes them identifiable if they get stolen. It’s free !! and links into the National Police system.

Good news..

  • Male arrested after reports of stolen copper piping and wiring from an industrial premises in Lenwade.
  • Stolen Ifor Williams trailer recovered in Swaffham.

Free Farming & Agricultural Crime Prevention Advice

Seen something that just doesn’t feel right to you…let Andy know about it, it may well end up being the missing piece of the jigsaw now or in the future.
Don’t hesitate to give DC Andy Brown a call with any information, concerns or queries you may have concerning rural crime.
Andy has been visiting many farms and he wants to visit a lot more! Please contact him to arrange this, he can offer you some great advice to help you protect your property and livelihoods. Andy can also provide your staff with handy stickers to place in offices and vehicles etc providing them with the numbers to call in the event of any suspicious activity.

Don’t forget he can offer you advice on metal theft and an array of other rural crime matters too. Give him a call…….07900 407106

Heating Oil Thefts

Norfolk Police are urging residents to be vigilant as incidents of heating oil thefts often increase during the winter months.

General tips to protect your fuel include:

  • Check oil levels frequently so you are aware if anyone has tampered with your supply, and consider an electronic oil level gauge which sets off an audible alarm in your house if the oil level drops below a quarter full.
  • Fit a good quality locking device to all fuel tanks – a high quality closed shackle padlock will make access using bolt croppers very difficult.
  • Consider perimeter security for the whole tank, such as a metal cage or fencing. Even a prickly hedge may help deter thieves. Remember, however, that the oil tanker driver will need to access it.
  • Control switches should be located in a secure building and turned off when the tank is not in use.
  • If you’re installing an oil tank or considering repositioning it, they should ideally be situated within sight of nearby occupied buildings. It may not be so aesthetically desirable, but the more remote the better the opportunity to access the tank without being seen.
  • Consider appropriate lighting around the tank so you can see and anyone can be seen. Be considerate to your neighbours and don’t use high powered lights which affect their property. Lighting is not the answer to all problems and site specific advice should be taken where lighting is being considered.

If you have been a victim of oil theft, or have any information regarding heating oil thefts in general should contact Norfolk Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111



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