Highway and Community Ranger Visit

The Highway Community Ranger Gangs will be making scheduled visits to communities in the parish of Feltwell during the week commencing 23 July 2018 to carry out work identified through inspections and reported by the parish.

Typical Ranger Items:

  • Side out a carriageway or footway
  • Clear mud and soil from the carriageway (non urgent)
  • Hand sweep carriageway or footway (the routine sweeping service will continue to be provided by the District Council)
  • Trim hedge to expose sign etc.
  • Soil and seed verge
  • Strim verge grass
  • Rod and flush drain
  • Clean out gully
  • Rod and flush kerb drainage offlet
  • Clear ditch
  • Clear grip
  • Wash sign, bollard or reflector post
  • Repair minor kerb defect
  • Repair minor footway surface defects

If anyone wishes to suggest some work for the Rangers to complete, please contact the Parish Clerk with as much detail as possible, including location of required work, what needs doing and why the work needs doing.

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