Playing Field


On 31st March 1950, Feltwell Parish Council acquired the land at Paynes Lane for the purposes of the Physical Training and Recreation Act 1937, from Edward Cyrill Newcome on which his mansion house, known as Feltwell Hall, and it’s adjoining meadows (in all about 15 acres), once stood.

Play Area & Tennis Court

The play area and tennis court are maintained by the Parish Council.  Once a month, a risk assessment is carried out on all play equipment and any hazards immediately reported to the Parish Council.  A yearly safety inspection of the play area is carried out by independent fully trained inspection engineers who ensure the equipment complies with British and European safety standards.

Scout Hut

The Scout Hut is situated on the playing field and is hired by the Cubs, Beavers & Scouts.  For further information about these organisations, please contact Mrs Claire Scarff on 01842 827555.

Junior Football Team

Feltwell only have one football team at present and they regularly use the facilities on our playing field.  Feltwell’s Junior Under 10’s team is managed by Richard Williams who can be contacted on 07970 039224 or email

NEW Skate Park!

Work on the new skate park has started!  Three local Mums have worked tirelessly to realise this project and money has been raised locally by the community who have taken part in events such as a sponsored walk, race night and family fun day.  Working in conjunction with the Parish Council, their application for a £35,000 grant from Sport England was successfully awarded last year and they have also secured grants from the Sir Edmund de Moundeford Trust, the Geoffrey Watling Charity and the Shelroy Trust.  Please note, the gate to the car park will be locked from 5pm daily until this work is completed.  For further information, please contact Mrs Miranda Bane on 07813 468944.

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